74% professionals switch off in the first minute if no clear point is being made in a conversation or presentation. 80% of folk struggle to explain what they do in one clear, compelling statement. Lengthy conversations constantly occur with one person not clear on the purpose of the dialogue – or should I say monologue.

How often have you listened to someone ‘rave on’ and you have no idea what they are talking about?

Clear and concise communication is compelling and essential in today’s world of information overload. Professional communication is poised, polished and purposeful. These qualities are vital if you wish to rise and stand out professionally and personally.

Listening to talkback radio the other day, I gentleman called in and opened the conversation with “I have two comments and one question”. You could hear the radio announcer breathe a palpable sigh of relief. So many other callers raved on about I know not what.

When I run workshops, I ask participants for a one-word check-in on how they are feeling at the start of the day. I’m not sure how ‘sort of nervous’ or ‘pretty good’ or ‘Ummm, mmmm, maybe OK’ stack up as one word?? However, I do know how powerful it is when an attendee says ‘Excited” or Curious” or “Open” or…..

Less is more. Real effectiveness is making a point clearly in the least time necessary.

“In today’s world of constant connectivity and endless information, brevity is now a leadership necessity, not a nicety. Getting to the point quickly is the new, non-negotiable standard for senior managers to climb through the ranks and lead in an attention economy”, according to Joseph McCormack, The Brevity Mandate.

Enough said.