The Listen Movement...

Tune in to what you’re hearing

A hauntingly beautiful song...

Andrea Kirwin and I recently teamed up to co-write a song, simply entitled LISTEN. My wish is that her soulful rendition of this song will be a catalyst for us all to start tuning in to what others are saying and feeling and to simply be present.

Join The Listen Movement…

The greatest compliment you can pay another person is to truly listen to what they are saying; to be present and to listen for understanding.

More and more people are describing feelings of loneliness, even those in significant relationships with technology often sweeping away the irreplaceable joy of meaningful conversation and connection. Everyday we can be surrounded by so-called conversations, which are, more often than not, one-way monologues.

In the workplace, so many people are frustrated that they don’t have a ‘voice’, that no one is listening to them. Customers are complaining too that no one listening to them, to hear their needs or to deal with their complaints.

The Listen Movement begins with these five steps

Help shape change and make the world a kinder place by practising these five steps and sharing your experiences within your immediate network and local community. Please share your reflections with us too at

Evaluate your listening skills
Tune in to your conversations. Move into awareness of whether you speak more or listen more. Observe how much you use ‘I’ vs. ‘you’.

Be present
Listen with your eyes as well as your ears and ‘hang-on’ to every word.

Do not interrupt
Allow the person talking to finish their sentence.

Listen to understand, not to respond
Invite the speaker to develop their thoughts by encouraging them with comments like, “Tell me more”, “Ah ha”, “Why do you think she said that?”

Be comfortable with silence
The letters in the word LISTEN are the same as in the word SILENT. Soak up their words like a sunset and resist the urge to talk about yourself.

Friends are those rare people who ask how we are, and then wait to hear the answer